Monday, March 28, 2011

The first thing we must do is decide how we want to accomplish this task!

Unfortunately, as many know, this is not as easy as it seems.  Well let's put it in perspective!  Image saying to yourself one morning "I am going to save myself some money and cut my own hair."  So you take out the sheers and start to cut your hair!!!  Hell no, you wouldn't do that, I know you wouldn't.  We all have tried to just give ourself a little trim and we know how that turned out.  The first person you see that you know says "What happened to your hair?"  Ok, so we can all relate to what a very hard task it would be to cut or trim our own hair.

Well when it comes to trimming, cutting and shaping of your pubic hair it can be evn more complicated.  You say Why?  Well for one, the hair in our pubic area is not as thick.  This tends to making mistakes very easy.  One wrong clip and you are truly screwed.  No, not literally.  But a bald spot looks as bad as an unkept area.  Pubic hair does not grow in a specific direction, you can have hair growing in four different directions in an area as small as a square inch.  Talk about a pain in the butt to figure out which way to cut.  The last and possibly the hardest thing to overcome is the skin's sensitivity in this area.  The last thing you want is a whole lot of red bumps and rash.  Not the most inviting looking.

If you are looking to model a swimsuit, pose for judges in a body building competition, or simply just take a trip to the beach, the wrong move in the bikini area can be devastating!!!

We can't tackle this task in one simple post so I am going to break this into 3 seperate posts.  As described above there are three distinct parts of managing the bikini area which are trimming, shaping and upkeep.  Since Blog posts are set in chronalogical order it is impossible to build on a topic without the reader being forced to read the latter posts first, so I have designed this portion of the blog so there will be three seperate pages of the blog to discuss each step of the process.  You can click the individual buttons below and go in order or just go dirstly to the item you are interested in.

Click the buttom below that corresponds to the topic you are interested in.  If you want to follow step by step, clcik the first button and you will be supplied with the subsequent area button at the end of the discussion on the latter page.

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